Virus and spyware removal

We are currently running a promotion for spyware and virus removal through the Hamilton supermarkets Woolworths and Coles (check the back of your dockets when shopping at these stores).

After the threat is removed we can assist with the implementation of anti-virus solutions.

Data recovery and backup advice

We can assist with recovery of 'lost' data.

We can also assist with advice on the implementation of backup solutions to safeguard against potential future data loss.

Apple OS X support

Apple OS X support is available up to intermediate level.

Software and hardware installation

Purchasing from us or another vendor? We can assist with the installation of hardware and software.

Cloud technologies

We can assist with migrating from self-hosted, to cloud-hosted services.

We can also assist with configuring tablet devices such as iPad and Android. Keeping your data in-sync.

Repairs, troubleshooting and upgrades

Having issues with your current equipment?

We can repair and troubleshoot these issues and offer advice on future upgrades.

Internet connections

Looking for a competitive price on internet connections?

We can assist with ADSL, wireless broadband, mobile and landline packages.

Outsourced IT

Do you have a store that is some distance from your IT staff?

We can offer a local IT service to perform duties on your IT staff members behalf.

We are happy to work with your IT staff over the phone or via pre-arranged documentation.

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